Brake Repair

brake repairNo one can match us here at We Fix Cars Auto Repair in Houston TX, when it comes to keeping our customers happy and safe on the road. We keep our customers safe by providing quality and accurate inspections and repairs. One of the best repairs we offer when it comes to safety is brake repair. We have a team of expert mechanics that have been changing brakes for years. Our dedication to accuracy and perfecting the art of auto repairs ensures that your brake repair is top quality and will last. Give us a call today for a proper brake repair or service.

Brake Repair Houston TX

Your brakes are what stop your vehicle when you push the brake pedal. When the pedal is pressed, brake fluid is pushed into the caliper. The caliper then closes and pushes the brake pads against the rotors. This will create friction. This friction is what slows us down and allows the vehicle to come to a stop. So having correctly working brakes is a necessity when driving. At We Fix Cars Auto Repair, we will ensure that every part of your braking system is working correctly and that you are safe while on the road.

Signs of Brake Wear Houston TX

When it comes to knowing when you need new brakes, your vehicle will often give you a sign when that time comes. Sometimes these signs are not that obvious, and it is essential to know what to look for so you can get your brakes fixed as soon as possible. We Fix Cars Auto Repair wants you to understand what some of the more common signs are and that when the time comes, we are here for you to fix your brakes. The most common symptoms that you need brake repair are:

  • Vibration when braking
  • Shaking or bouncing steering wheel when braking
  • Your car pulls one way or the other when braking
  • Sharp squealing noise when braking
  • It takes longer to come to a stop
  • & a few others

If you notice any of these signs, give us a call, carefully stop by the shop, or set an appointment online to get your brakes inspected, fixed, and yourself back on the road.

Brake Repair Near Me

At We Fix Cars Auto Repair in Houston, TX, we are your local auto repair experts. No matter what service you might need, our team can handle it. When you require a brake repair or inspection, make sure to give us a call. Our team is here to ensure you stay drive on the streets of Houston TX, for a long time. Make an appointment or swing by our shop today!

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